Russ Gifford
Guest Lecturer, Institute for Lifelong Learning
Western Iowa Tech Community College
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The Dr. Robert R. Dunker Leadership Lectures
Fall 2018

  • Thomas Jefferson: The Patriot and the President
    Wednesday, October 3, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    Cargill Auditorium

  • Thomas Jefferson: Senior Statesman, Moral Compass
    Friday, October 5, Noon to 2 p.m.
    Cargill Auditorium

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Upcoming seminars and multi-media classes

Rock Around the Clock: Music and the 1950s  
- Mondays at 6 PM, WIT L416, Starting November 12
   (Three weekly sessions)

  The Story of the Brill Building

- November 12

The Rise of the DJs: 1956 to 1962
- November 19

Rock and Roll on TV - in the 1950s!
- November 26

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View the PowerPoint presentations for my "Regional Greats" series.


While I do not have video of my lectures, I thought the notes for my 'Regional Greats' series could be valuable.  These are men and women in the Iowa and Nebraska region who were important in history, though their contributions are largely overlooked today.

Click the name to see the presentation
(in PDF format. )

George Norris
A legendary Nebraskan that left his impact on the state, and the country

Harry Hopkins
Few people realize just how vital Hopkins contribution to the New Deal was.

Henry Wallace
Another giant whose incredible efforts in agriculture are all but completely forgotten.

Lou Hoover
If she is remembered at all, it is as a wife of a president. This Iowa girl was so much more than that.

Susan La Flesche
Her determination would save lives; her advocacy for American Indians would change national policies; her hospital would improve lives for decades after her passing.

William Jennings Bryan
He is remembered as a joke and a buffoon. He was the voice of the rural Americans, and much of what he stood for in his early days rings true yet today.

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"Spectacular Voyage: Following Lewis & Clark in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota",
by Russ Gifford, 2002.
(Click to download PDF)
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Training Manuals for SQL / SSRS Reporting / Microsoft Access

Business Applications Developer

"Using Microsoft Access as a Reports Server"  Examples of Microsoft Access to Create Form-Driven Custom Reports






Using SSRS to Create Custom Reports (and Student Tabs)  within Infinite Campus!






Celebrating the American Revolution and the Creation of the Republic: 1750 - 1800

 Starting Monday September 17th WIT L416  

Return to the era of the American Revolution!

We will study the actions of people not yet Americans as they wrestled with the toughest issues of their times. We’ll read the private letters and public speeches of the famous statesmen and unknown farmers who were swept up in these events. Our goal is to walk in their shoes and to see the world through their eyes. These weekly classes will take us to farmlands and fields of battle, to the halls of Congress in the hot summer days of 1775 and 1776, and to the barracks of Valley Forge on freezing winter nights! (Link to class descriptions)

1 -  IN THE BEGINNING, 1750 – 1765
September 17
2 -  IF THIS BE TREASON, 1766 – 1774
September 17
3 - GIVE ME LIBERTY, 1775 – 1776
- October 1
4 - THESE ARE THE TIMES, 1777 – 1778
- October 8
5 - THE WAR MOVES SOUTH, 1779 – 1781
- October 15
- October 29
- November 5
8 - DO YOU SOLEMNLY SWEAR, 1792 – 1800
- November 12

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(These are multi-media extravaganzas with graphics, audio and video.)

Delivering Interactive WebEx Programs

Learning SPI's GBACW® system
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Learning the Advanced Squad Leader® Game system!
14 sessions

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Disc 2 - Fire Lanes and SW
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