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Russell Gifford


I have published over 300 articles, and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

I get to interview and write about interesting people, tell stories of things that actually happened and remind people why those things matter.

Sometimes, I shine a light in corners long forgotten and return with important lessons that need re-told.

Once in a while, I get on a soapbox, too. But that's pretty rare.

All that, and I get to hear some good music, too. Works for me!

These samples are just that - some examples of my work. Enjoy!

Click here for the preface to "Spectacular Voyage"

Coming - a sample of the Lewis and Clark radio essays.

My Favorites

The Man Behind Beaker Street

He rarely spoke, but his choices brought underground radio to  AM America.

The Soul of Glass
The story is good - but their work is incredible

Gift of Love

A Christmas Story!

Empty Parking Lots and Dark Wal-Marts
Lots of feedback from this one, as Arkansas strip mines America
Charting a future for Downtown Sioux City
An in-depth look at a downtown that is becoming a ghost town

Essays and Editorials

Rural America Deserves Better
essay detailing the 2005 Federal budget
Consolidating - and Losing - Power
Once in a while you get lucky - an accurate political forecast!

Sioux City - A campaign crossroads??
Since when - and why??
Who picks up the tab?
One of those little known facts that gets swept aside...

Multimedia Seminar Samples
Mass Media and Big Government  (promo)  Session 1 - (PowerPoint)
Life and Times of Bob Dylan - (PowerPoint)
Spies! (overview)  Session 2 - (PowerPoint)
Science Fiction  (overview)  Session 2 - (PowerPoint)

Talkin' about Rock and Roll
Best Rock of the 1990's
originally published in 4th Street Review, January, 2000.
Liner notes on a new album from the best band you've never heard!

Nebraska Newspaper Layouts Articles and Layouts
March/ April 2006 (Featuring: "Shop Aurora" article)
July/August 2006 (Featuring: "NPA v. Stuart" and "Get Involved" articles)
September/October 2006 (Featuring: "Time for your daily to become an hourly?")

Sioux City
SiouxLandmark Saving the Past
What one group is doing to preserve a unique architectural history
Little Chicago - Slam or Salute?
So - what's the real story behind Sioux City as 'Little Chicago?'
How's the economy?
(Sioux City Economy, Part 2)
Murder on Water Street
He worked hard in life - but his death changed a town
Glimpse of the Past
Steamboats and Sioux City

Interesting Stories
Woman Aware
An agency celebrates women who've made a difference
Looking into the chain of custody!

A Few Photos
My video years are far behind me, but I still manage a few stills.

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