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I have created over 200 unique classes. But people always ask, 'I didn't make it to the class - isn't there some way to see them?'

There isn't - but I thought I would see if  my outlines and photo displays are of interest. To the right are links to my Regional Greats series.

These people were well known giants in their day. But since they are not on "America Has Talent" today, they are unknown. ;)

Some of my outlines are detailed, others, not so much. But these people lived extraordinary lives dedicated to improving the world. 

What is missing from these outlines is my lecture, where I pull in far more information. Some of these have hyperlinks to bring up other items, or an audio or visual clip. Of course, in the transitory nature of the Web, those may or may not work. 

Also in some cases you will see a small icon to allow you to access any notes I have on a particular slide!

Coming soon -  A history of Sioux City.

George Norris

Susan La Flesche

Henry A. Wallace

Regional Greats
Largely forgotten today, the men and women detailed below are Nebraskans and Iowans that made a difference at the local, regional and national level. While some may know their names, few know much about them. These lectures are my effort to keep their memories and their deeds alive. Think one individual can't achieve things? Read on.

George Norris
A legendary Nebraskan that left his impact on the state, and the country

Harry Hopkins
Few people realize just how vital Hopkins contribution to the New Deal was.

Henry Wallace
Another giant whose incredible efforts in agriculture are all but completely forgotten.

Lou Hoover
If she is remembered at all, it is as a wife of a president. This Iowa girl was so much more than that.

Susan La Flesche
Her determination would save lives; her advocacy for American Indians would change national policies; her hospital would improve lives for decades after her passing.

William Jennings Bryan
He is remembered as a joke and a buffoon. He was the voice of the rural Americans, and much of what he stood for in his early days rings true yet today.

Each class has my 'framing questions' - things for people to think about during the lecture. And I ask those questions again at the end.  Feel free to send me your answers and thoughts! (The email link is in the lectures!)

But - this is an experiment of sorts: are these slide shows useful? Would anyone like to see others? I have the outlines for all the classes. (See the list here.)

Please let me know if you like these, and feel it would be worth while to see others. (My address is in each program!)

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