"I take complex concepts and break them into bite-sized bits."



My name is Russ Gifford. I'm a training expert by profession.  I teach business application / computer classes all over the country.  This disc was my effort to expand my skills as a professional trainer while expanding my hobby and my potential opponents!

I also write lots of articles. Yes, I did have a few in The GENERAL. Here's some background on me. 

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bulletWriting -
bulletI published one of the earliest articles pushing 'online' gaming. (Too early - it was turned down twice in the '80's before seeing print in The GENERAL.) (The rest of the story...)
bulletSince game articles don't pay the bills, I write lots of other articles - about 60 a year.
bulletAs a Rock n' Roll fan, I'm proud of these liner notes. (Link)
bulletReceived lots of attention with a series and a book on Lewis and Clark in 2002. (Link)
bulletGaming - Since 1970. AH fan, SPI devotee. Terrible Swift Sword was an early favorite.
bulletPioneered many regional wargaming tournaments in the 80's and 90's. (TRC, DIP, ASL, etc.)
bulletInitiated Sioux City Wargames convention 1986-1993.  (Now MAGE CON)
bulletOnline gaming board 'sys ops' for CompuServe in 1985, GEnie in 1986.
bulletAvalonCon Advanced Squad Leader tournament director (1992-1998). 110+ players each year.
bulletReceived Gamemaster Award for 1992 (AvalonCon.) Garnered five 'Top Six' GM awards.
bulletMage Hall of Fame Awarded 1994. 
bulletAvalonCon Hall of Fame Inductee in 1996.

See also Game Bio at BGG or MAGE Hall of Fame memo.

(Most of this seemed to make some sort of sense at the time...)

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Since someone looking to hire me might find this page (yeah, that's history now!) here are a few professional details:

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bulletTeacher / Trainer
bulletAdjunct College Professor, Mathematics.
bulletClasses in Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, VBA classes.
bulletBusiness classes, Marketing and eCommerce classes.
bulletVarious Continuing Education Classes and seminars.
bulletAnd I enjoy teaching Calculus, Economics, Physics and Statistics.

The goal in all of these classes is to learn something - but to have some fun, too.
bulletTechnology and Communications Consultant
bulletExpert testimony in legal cases on computer and Internet issues.
bulletTechnology Committee Chair, SSC, 1993-1998.
bulletHelped establish one of the earliest city-wide web portals - the "SSCDC FreeNet" offering daily news, local information, pictures and city directory.
bulletCreated early 'paperless' technology for city agencies.
bulletHelped create ground breaking public-private fiber optic ring in SSC, NE.
bulletProfessional / Managerial Experience
bulletCommunications Director for the Center for Rural Affairs.
bulletCommunications Officer, 2FindMe, Inc.
bulletRegional Manager, Jones Intercable.
bulletPresident, Inventive Communications.
bulletTV, Radio and Newspaper Reporting
bulletReporter for the Nebraska Press Association.
bulletWeekly political analyst for Clear Channel Radio in Sioux City, 2004-2005.
bulletLive radio commentary of President and VP visits 2004.
bulletEngineered and produced U.S. Senate debates for live radio & TV in 2000.
bulletInterviewed Presidential candidates 1980-1992.
bulletProvided video for C-Span's Road to the White House, 1992.
bulletDirected / engineered early 'live' in the field TV broadcasts -
VP visit 1987, Presidential debates in 1988, etc.

Looking for the unifying factor in all these items?

I'm a translator. I take complex concepts and break them into bite-sized bits
that anyone can grasp, both in print and in person.

Bottom line? When you need an award-winning trainer or writer
to make something understandable, I'm your best option.

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