The Battle of Monmouth - "The Colonies take the Offensive"

Washington leads the retrained Continental Army in their first major attack on the retreating British, June 28,1778

A good, tactical level wargame dealing with a battle from the American Revolutionary War.

Like the GBACW games, this is a single map game based at the regimental level. It is a meeting engagement, with the Colonials driving hard to catch the retreating British army. Be careful what you wish for, however, as the superior British troops turn to fight and give the colonials all they can handle. Both sides reinforce  and the contest rages in the intense summer heat. The field of battle offers many strategies for replay, since the terrain which splits the field into two different regions.

The command control rules are a major factor in this game. Control of the troops is vital, and forces players to make tough decisions. It also forces players to learn about the personal styles and abilities of the commanders. In this game you meet "Mad Anthony" Wayne, Gen. George Washington, Harry 'Lighthorse' Lee, and Lafayette. Lee's reputation would forever be fouled by history's view of his dithering in the face of Washington's insistence that Lee force the battle.

The campaign game is 28 turns long, and delivers excitement every step of the way. There are also additional scenarios:  the Monmouth Courthouse, (ten turns); the Hedgerow Scenario, (five turns); and a later S&T offered an additional scenario as well.

Here are a few pictures to give you a feel for the game. (Double click on the picture to see a larger view.)

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