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Here are some other gaming related sites I find valuable!

General Gaming Info Sites:
bullet BoardGameGeek.com
bulletOne of my favorite sites - great database of games!
bulletAnother favorite - lots of detailed info and updates for out of print games.
bulletThe ultimate discussion forum.
bulletA treasure-trove of all things wargaming - and nice guys too!
bullet SPI Compendium
bulletGreg Kostikyan lists all the SPI products from start to finish.  Good links to other sites, too.

Great Battles / TSS specific Sites:

bullet Complete Listing of GBACW 1.0 games
bulletClick on the game name takes you to the database for that game, too.
bullet Armchair Brigade
bulletThese guys are doing good things with GBACW 1.0. Check them out!
bulletDeer Valley Game Kits
bulletFun game stuff!
bullet Three Days of Gettysburg
bulletHere's where the GBACW system is at today. (Version 4.5)

SPI Games/ Parts:

bulletCrazy Igor (email address)
bulletAn unbelievable collection of games, located in Hilton, NY. Send him your want list, he sends you a quote. 585/392-0230
bullet Enterprise Games Lists
bulletLooking for spare SPI parts for TSS or Bloody April? Plus out of print games, mags, etc.
bulletFine Games
bulletJust found these guys - highly recommended.
bulletNoble Knight Games
bulletAnother good source of out of print games and magazines.
bulletAlmost goes without mentioning, doesn't it?





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