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Connecting Regional History with National History... by Telling the Stories of Individuals


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I am always looking for new places to present my talks.

Travel in the 19th Century Near the Missouri River Region

These 90 minutes full sessions will give you an inkling of my style and stories

These will open in YouTube Window.

Horses, Wagons, Stages and Saddle Sores

River Passage via Steamboat

Wagons and Walking

Visitors and Locals

These slide shows will give you information you may not know!
Read these as Picture Texts in PDF - No Audio included

Susan B. Anthony and Sioux City, 1871

William Jennings Bryan - Nebraska Icon

Susan La Flesche - Heroic Advocate

Henry Wallace, Iowa Boy

Harry Hopkins

George Norris - Best Senator Ever?


The following programs were sponsored by the Sioux City Public Museum.


D-Day Remembered - with local quotes

Audio from live presentation at the Sioux City Public Museum.

Bulge Remembered - with local quotes

During this talk, three veterans of the battle were present, and the widow of another.

Iwo Remembered - with local quotes

This program includes audio - and to hear the Al Molskow AFRT interview Click here

Additional Regional Stories

These stories may be a bit thin without the audio - but the slide text offers some important info that came from the research.
I will add audio in the future, but I want the information available to others.

Where Iowa Soldiers Served

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Khrushchev in Iowa, 1959


Sioux City:
Crime, Corruption, & Redemption, 1950s

Those Who Came Before:
The Mill Creek Culture

Sioux City: The Turmoil of 1968 Hits Home

Articles and Books on Regional Stories


A Glimpse of the Past

Murder on Water Street

Spectacular Voyage: Lewis and Clark in Siouxland


Need a world class presenter? Connect with Russ

Specializing in American History, Russ Gifford ties local and regional history into a program to enrich audience understanding of why things occur.

        "Russ is outstanding. He uses numerous, flexible learning approaches to accommodate the adult learner. His students consistently comment on his mastery of material!" Dr. Lyn Brodersen, Scott Community College