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You've spent the money for the computer. You pay for the employee's time every week. Doesn't it make sense that you give them the training to use all the power their skills and their computer can deliver?

If you are looking for fast gains in productivity, send them to me.

bulletAs a certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor, I know the ins and outs of these programs.
bulletAs a former business manager, I know the things you want them to learn while they are in class.

My classes are designed to deliver results. Each level is a single day effort tailored to business needs, not classroom needs. It is hands on, and delivered to make certain the student sees why they need this, and how to remember it!

Ask people that have utilized my classes, and see what they say:

"I tell people this is the best instructor you'll ever have!" - Sioux City, IA.

"Wow. I am really in demand now that I've taken your Access classes!" - Omaha, NE.

"I've taken these classes before, and got nothing out of it. You really make it understandable and enjoyable!" - New York, NY.

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As a former business manager, I also understand the bottom line. If you think training costs too much, consider this:

Without training, your people are wasting dollars every day - and that's a cost that never ends.

I've made a difference teaching Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint to people all over the country.

I can make a difference for your company. (Sept Classes at WITCC)

Stop wasting money. Email me now for a price quote. Click here.

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