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Links are below, but please read this first.

This is a work in progress, but it currently has listings for all the articles from Moves magazine, issues 1 through 60.

Wishing you could find out which issues had the articles on your favorite game?
Now you can.

Wish you could find a list of all the articles with errata on your favorite old SPI game? You can do that now, too.

Or all the reviews, or the previews, or the replays, or the extra scenarios.

It simply catalogs them - but I think it is pretty cool.  (Yes, in my 'personal use' I put the PDFs of the articles and link them. Haven't done many yet, but online that might take WAY too much space. And, in the immortal words of Richard M. Nixon, after he realized his words were being caught on tape, "but it would wrong, John." Sigh. Legality. So, I have done a few of the advertisements as links. I don't think anyone would complain that I am ADVERTISING the games. (Yes, I said this is a database of the COMPLETE Moves magazines. So I also list the ads and the notices, as well as the articles. What can I say?)

These articles listings can be found by searching:

bulletBy Game.
bulletBy Author.
bulletBy Type of article (errata, anyone?)
bulletAnd by Magazine, since it could be something besides Moves.

And under the Report tab, you can make prints of these so you have them when you are searching your magazines for the actual articles!

The idea is to make this comprehensive, someday, by adding ANY wargame magazines. Currently there are only a few others included to prove it works: a few of the S&T Special Editions, a couple Boardgamer issues, and one or two of The Wargamer. (Next trip home I'll bring back either the old F&Ms or the S&Ts.)

Oh, did I mention I catalogued everything in the Moves issues? The 'Works in Progress ' listings? Yes, you can now track the development of your favorite game. Reviews break out the games in the article.

Advertisements are listed, too. I even put notes on some of the Feedback questions, so you can see exactly how long it took for, say, Cityfight, to go from an idea to a game.

It also allows you to find the articles by game and by type.

Things you need to know:

This isn't the final executable file - you'll need Microsoft Access to make this work. (2000 and above, I think.) (I have been told it also works with Open Access, as well.)

The file is zipped, (self extracting) so that it won't get caught on your virus checker.

And, you'll need to say 'ok' when Microsoft Access asks if it is ok to run. 

Where this is going:

Eventually, I'll put this on the web as a web database.

Interested in seeing this online instead? I'll keep working on it.

If you download this, PLEASE SEND ME an email saying hi, just as a way of saying 'thanks for sharing.' Click here.

And if you like something, or I should fix something, drop me an email then, too. Click here.

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